Instant Passive System Review

Instant Passive System Review

Instant Passive System Review


Hi and thankyou for joining me for my Instant Passive System Review. This is a new system developed by Mark Wightley & Anthony Rousek

So What Exactly Is The Instant Passive System?

Instant Passive System is a method that Mark and Anthony have been using for over 12 months to make money online, their online income is earned via providing traffic as a solo ad seller.

Supplying traffic is in high need right now, and where there is demand there is money to be made.

This system is something New and Unique! why?

Due to the fact that typically as a solo ad vendor you need to pay for high end training services to learn the skill sets for this method.

Additionally, you need to invest 1000’s to build your own list, before you can start selling. Not to mention risks involved.

So Mark & Anthony have come with an awesome solution. They will teach you how to use the solo add method with a great twist.

Instead of buying high ticket coaching to learn the skill set and invest thousands of dollars up front, they will show you how to sell traffic without having to pay for it upfront.

That’s the twist right there, there is no risk, no tech skills, no paying for high ticket coaching.

How Is This Possible?

The Answer is to become a Reseller.

Contrary to popular belief there are few in the solo ad profession who are using the “Re seller Method” You source the traffic and sell the traffic for higher price.

This is first time; Mark & Anthony are revealing their method to the public.

This is your chance to become a traffic reseller, without any risk, up-front costs, and no one will know the difference!

This is a great method and they are already getting rave reviews about the course from there Beta testers.

Instant Passive System Review

How much will Instant Passive System Cost?

At the time of writing my Instant Traffic System Review the price is $9.94 but this will increase every hour however is will cap @ $12.95..

Will there be any Upgrades available?

Yes, there are 5 upgrades being offered, I have list them below,

OTO 1 Upgrade – Affiliate Blueprint $27.00

A lot of newbies don’t know the importance of an Affiliate Sales Funnel.

In OTO 1 you will be taught exactly how to build a sales funnel and build your own email list using solo ad traffic.

The best part is, you are able to use the profits you earn in the instant passive system to build this email list.

That means you don’t need to invest any money from your own pocket.

Also you will be making extra money on the side, because you will learn exactly how to set everything up.

You will be taught how to send traffic, create a email capture page, create a thank you page, how to setup an autoresponder, how to setup the right welcome email, that will build trust and authority.

Also, the right kind of emails to send to affiliate offers, and most importantly how often you should promote an affiliate offer and when to start a new offer.

OTO 2 Upgrade – Google PPC Success Kit $47.00

Generating traffic from Google Ads is hot right now, and imagine as a solo ad seller you get to be able to deliver PPC Traffic

Google leads can be gold, if you know how to get the right leads without being banned or disapproved.

within Google PPC Kit they will show you how to generate MMO leads from google.

The best part is, you will be able to use the profits you earn in the instant passive system to build this email list.

OTO 3 Upgrade – Done For You Service $63.00

A lot of newbies don’t have any experience and techie skills, and they just are shy of getting into the technical side of things. In the done for you service, he offers his time to build everything up.

Yes he will create the Affiliate Sales Funnel for you using the tools that he personally uses.

Not only that you will be offered a Free Coaching Call, to explain to you exactly how to use the funnel.

If they want to tap into Google PPC he will also set this up for the customers, where I build campaign, optimize the campaign for up to 2 weeks.

Free Coaching is also included for customers interested in generating leads from Google ads PPC.

OTO 4 Upgrade – Resell Rights $97.0

With the Resell Rights upgrade you will have access to the entire Instant Passive System and all the Upgrades as your own product.

You can promote the Instant Passive System and keep 100% of the profits.

This means you are getting your own fully built product, upsells included with all the Tech issues and support taken care of.

It will include, all the Sales pages, upsell pages, down sell pages, Sales videos, a full membership site and customer support.

OTO 5 Upgrade – Group Coaching $297.00

A lot of newbies and even more advanced marketers would prefer personal interaction with their mentor and creator of a system.

Anthony will sit with you in a group session every week and personally walk you through everything on how to get started as a solo ad reseller.

He will be walking you through two different setups, be a reseller, or also build your own email list.

Which one you would prefer he will give you1 month support for building up your funnel and the skills required to become a solo ad seller, without having to pay for high ticket coaching.

All in all, a comprehensive system if you include the upgrades, but I have to stress the front-end offer is more than enough to get you up and running.

Well, I hope you enjoyed reading my Instant Passive System Review and it has given you an insight of what the system is all about.

Instant Passive System Review Bonuses

Well, this is where I would usually list my bonuses, instead I have created an exclusive bonus page via the link below, buy the Instant Passive System through the link on that page and qualify for all the bonuses listed.


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