Looking For a Profitable Domain Name?..Well Then Look No Further!

iiGuru.com Is Now For Sale - Unless i Change My Mind i Next 48 Hours

I'm going to keep this short and sweet !

Recently I have been looking into a certain domain and researching its profit potential in certain market places.

Firstly I noticed that is already had a appraised value of £ 1,515.95  or $ 2,122.77  By FreeValuator.com

Second, I realised iiGuru.com can help you become the go to person in any niche, one website with many sub-categories…

Third, I saw that it was a small 6 character Dot Com which is very hard to find these days. Heck, even if one resold “AS IS” they could potentially get thousands for it if marketed correctly.

Recently in the last few days, I have had many of you ask I found that name and what I would be willing to sell for. Well the answer is I’m not unless you’re willing to pay the less the premium price of £ 1,515.95  or $ 2,122.77 , but for the next 48 hours I will offer it up for $129 so act fast!!

(Upon successful purchase please be sure you have a GoDaddy account so I can simply transfer the domain to you instantly…)

So here you go….

My gold mine offered to you for 48 hours. Ok, Have to run…

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