30 Day YT Domination Review

30 Day YT Domination Review..

30 Day YT Domination Review


My 30 Day YT Domination Review is designed to breakdown the 30 Day YT Domination system, for you to see if its something you can implement in your business or even for recreational purposes..

What Is 30 Day YT Domination?

The 30 Day YT Domination is the brain child of Antonio X. Carter & Shelly Hopkins.

30 Day YouTube Domination system goes live ( is being released ) on Mar 9 – Mar 12 at 11am Eastern

Antonio teaches business owners how to create an additional layer of income with affiliate marketing. Antonio is a real rag to riches story.

Not too long ago, Antonio had to tell his wife that their electricity had been shut off. He had to explain to her that this was his fault.

Due to some poor business decisions had made, they couldn’t pay our bills.

You can read his full story here…

The video course is for those who wish a fail-proof shortcut to grow their income and brand with YouTube.

Within the 30 Day YT Domination course you will learn the exact techniques Antonio used and still uses that quickly scaled his YouTube channel to 1000 subscribers and $1000s in revenue, in a short amount of time after he grasped what he was doing.

30 Day YouTube Domination is for the business owner or leisure Youtuber looking to generate a brand with their channel, obtaining more views and ultimately getting leads and sales.

It doesn’t matter if you have a brand, if you’re promoting products, supporting a business, or you just want greater views on your videos,

YouTube is the most valuable place to be discovered, as it is the biggest search engine next to Google.

YouTube is 100% free and if you’re not on it, you’re losing out on a lot of free traffic not to mention money.

This course is for those who decide on YouTube, they want to generate traffic for their business, service, or product, but they are unable to obtain the desired results because no one is seeing their videos and content.


Put Bluntly …they are not getting any views!


In 30 Day YouTube Domination, you will learn how to dominate your competition so that you can see results like no one else in your market.

What’s Inside What are you getting for your buck?

Within the members area of 30 Day YT Domination course you will find a 7 modules containing 10 over the shoulder videos, where Antonio talks you through the hole system, in a step by step follow along method, check out the screen shot below…

30 Day YT Domination Review

I know you have questions so let me answer a few for you,

Do I have to show my face in order to get good results?

Antonio has  created a ton of videos. Some with headshots, some with only the sound of his voice and doing a screen capture on his desktop. It all works the same. You will still get good results, so no you do not need to show your face..

Can you get the same results in 30 days?

Within the training you are given you a very methodical way to get great results in the video course. If you follow the steps given, you can definitely get the same results.

Is this for experts? I’m a newbie!

This course is PERFECT for the beginner and great for the expert as well. Antonio was a newbie just like you while trying to produce great results in YouTube. It is through learning and practice, that he increased his skills to create videos. He’s also worked with experts and they are surprised by this method and no one is teaching it.

How Much is 30 Day YT Domination?

Well at the time of writing my 30 Day YT Domination Review the price is a whopping $7.00, yes you read the right 7 bucks ?..

Are there any upsells?

Yes you will be offered 5 Upsells.

  1. Upsell 1 – 6 Figure Youtuber – $37


  1. Upsell 2 – Rank Master – $37


  1. Upsell 3 – Case Study – $27


  1. Upsell 4 – License Rights – $67


  1. Upsell 5 – Personal Coaching – $197

I hope you found my 30 Day YT Domination Review of use to you, in my opinion the system is a solid course if you a YouTuber or are planning to use YouTube but not sure where to start.

If you decide my 30 Day YT Domination Review has helped you make a buying decision, then please buy through any of my exclusive links within this page and qualify for my bonuses listed below… ?


I have actually created a special bonus page you can LOOK @ HERE

Thankyou for taking the time to read my 30 Day YT Domination Review ?




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